Sonkaya SMET125YT Semiauto Labeling Machine With Coder

SMET125YT Semiauto Labeling Machine With Coder

New solution from Sonkaya Machinery for rounded bottle labeling application with 4 lines coder.

Sonkaya SMET125YT semi-automatic labeling machine with date coder gives you opportunity to label rounded bottle, tin cans containers easily. As well as you can code on the label 4 lines information like manufacture date, expriy date, lot number, price, weight and etc. pratically at the same time.

As known small and medium sized enterprises mainly try to produce their production by hand and meanwhile it leads to time and product waste due to automatic systems need high cost investment.

While labeling by hand the self adhesive label can not stick the surface of the bottle equally and this makes unwanted bubbles and wrinkled result. Labeling level is not equally starts and ends so this makes inclined results.

With low cost semi-automatic labeling machine gives producers power to enter the market with professional looking packaged products. Labeling machine can be applied to label syringes, cream, honey, molasses jars, chemical bottles, rounded tin cans, car care product, antifreeze bottles, parfume bottles, medical glass tubes used in several fields such as medical, chemistry, cosmetics, food and industry.

The machine suitable with from 15mm to 130mm diametered bottles. The label width is between 20mm and 250mm, label lenght is between 30mm and 500mm. Inner label roll(core) is 3 inches. The voltage needs is standart 220 volt. It means the labeling machine can be used in any production room freely.

Sonkaya labeling machine with coder has user friendly mechanism. There is no need to any tool for adjusting different sized bottles and labels. The user can adjust by hand easily. Only one allen screw needs to loosen and tighten in order to replace the label roll by the allen screw driver which comes with the labeling machine.

The labeling application steps as blow:

The bottle should be placed at the middle of 2 rollers and bottle bottom must be touched the stopper bar at the left. Trigger bar should be lowered until it touches to bottle gently. At the same time the machine starts turning the bottle and apply already coded label at the bottle surface and stops. While relasing trigger bar and taking the labeled bottle the machine automatically codes the next label. All theese steps takes only 2 or 5 seconds up to the label lenghts. It means the machine can label 700 to 1800 pieces in on hour.

The machine comes with standart optical labeling sernsor to use opaque label application. Ultrasonic sensor can be used for both clear and opaque labels on demand.

The coding module is using hot foil ribbon. By this technology the ink at the ribbon sticks on label surface with approx 90 degree temperature and if the label material is a kind of plastic(OPP) or cellephane, it is impossible to remove the coding the hot ink is being stamped. There are many colour option like black, white, red, yellow, blue, golden, silver and others. One ribbon is 150 meters and it provides 40000 times coding with one line, 10000 times coding with 4 lines.

The machine builded with aluminium and stainless SUS 304 material to meet GMP (good manufacturing practice) Stong motor of the machine is suitable for full day usage and prevents the manual application problems such as bubble and inclined labeling.



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SMET125YT Semiauto Labeling Machine With Coder

New solution from Sonkaya Machinery for rounded bottle labeling application with 4 lines coder.

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